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Question by QB’s Finest (Reborn): Swimming & Weight Training?
i’m planning to weight train vigorously (curls, dumbell rows, incline pushups, crunches) for about an hour everyday and right after swim vigorously for about 45 min. everday. i eat right, i eat no sugar at all, so can anybody tell me what results can i see in the future?

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Answer by ozlevi
Well, you may not notice it, but you do eat sugar. Each and every food contains it.
You don’t feast on snacks, that’s what you mean, and it is good.

By the way, if you are planning on weight training, you better do it the right way after consulting with a professional.

Training is important but not only that, you must sleep well at night and eat good – basically you demolish your current muscles and rebuild them newer and stronger.

Overdoing it harms your body, that is why it is for the best to consult with a professional, but you have the willpower so you are on the right track.

You will see the result for yourself, and pretty quick even. In two weeks you can puff up real nicely, just keep on training.

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