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Getting rid of acne is more than just buying an acne treatment product off of the shelf. Acne breakouts happen from head to toe, and they can leave the signs of blemishes and breakouts behind for months and sometimes even years afterwards. In order to effectively combat acne breakouts and get clear skin, you’ll need to think of acne as something more than simply what you buy a special skin cleanser and a concealer for. Here are three tips to address getting rid of acne from top to bottom and having clear, beautiful skin.

Acne Face Breakouts: You’ll Need More Than a Cleanser and a Spot Treatment

Just because the way you would normally treat acne breakouts on your face is with a specialized skin cleanser and a spot treatment, it doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily the best way to get clear and stay clear. A skin cleanser only removes surface impurities, and an acne spot treatment only addresses blemishes that are already forming. You’ll want to find an acne treatment that you can leave on all over your face (both during the day and at night) that will help to prevent breakouts from even happening by exfoliating skin and fighting bacteria twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on your entire face.

Don’t Forget a Back Acne Treatment

Acne doesn’t only happen on your face, it also happens on your back and body. Don’t forget to treat the acne breakouts on your back and body. Back and body acne can be more difficult to treat because the skin cells are more rough and the oil glands are larger. Look for an exfoliating body wash that also includes an acne medication such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. Clear skin doesn’t just mean having clear skin on your face, it also means having beautiful skin all over.

Acne Scar Treatment is Part of Getting Rid of Acne

Even after you stop your acne breakouts and get rid of acne on your face, back and body, you may still be left with acne scars or post-acne marks. Taking the time and finding a solution to treat and get rid of your acne scars is part of your acne treatment plan as a whole. After all, you didn’t do all of that work to get clear skin just so that you could have flawed skin with the remaining acne scars, did you? Find a fading or lightening gel for post-acne marks and consult a dermatologist over acne scars.

Everybody can have beautiful, clear skin. Just live a healthy life and follow these three tips to get clear. A complete acne treatment program always leads to perfect skin!

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