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Skin Care Regimen for a Combination Skin

People with combination skin hardly realise their skin type. It is hard to identify a combination skin in comparison to a dry skin or an oily skin. A combination skin can be defined as one that possesses the characteristics of both oily and dry skin. A combination skin can be identified by the fact that that certain portions of your face are dry while the nose, chin, forehead or the T-zone and the central part of the face is oily. Such a skin type can also be identified by the presence of rosacea and wrinkles that are present along with a dry and flaky exterior.

A number of factors can lead to a combination skin but these may vary from one individual to another. It might be hereditary in some cases. In general, the areas around the forehead, nose and chin have a number of active oil glands. While some people have dry skin and rosacea, others complain of inflamed and flaky skin. A combination skin is often caused by the cosmetics that one uses. If you use a product that contains ingredients that cause irritation, these consequently, increase the oil secretion in the T-zone. It causes redness on your face and tends to make your skin drier. You end up turning your normal skin to a combination skin.

If you use moisturisers that are emollient, then your skin tends to become more oily than usual. The pores get clogged causing problems such as pimples. It is necessary that you use the right cosmetics for your skin, ones that suit your skin type.

In case of a combination skin, you can adopt the following skincare regimen to ensure that your skin remains healthy and glowing:

Begin your day by cleaning you face with a water-soluble cleanser in order to prevent dryness and irritation. If you possess a combination skin, a mild foaming cleanser or a gel-based one is what you need. If you possess a dry skin that has been damaged owing to exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, then a lightweight cleanser lotion would be ideal. It is best to avoid using bar cleansers or soaps. The ingredients can cause the pores to clog.

If you are using a toner as part of your regular skin care routine, then you should make sure that it does not contain any harmful irritants such as menthol, alcohol, citrus oils, fragrance and witch hazel.

It is necessary to use a sunscreen on a regular basis if you wish to stop wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging.

Adopt exfoliation as part of your regular skin care regimen. You can use a product that has alpha hydroxyl acid or a beta hydroxy acid as one of its constituents. BHA is particularly beneficial for oily and normal skin and one prone to blemishes.

It is necessary that you choose appropriate skin care products as these affect the quality of your skin. Buy products that are rich in emollients, antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients.

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