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Although we are dedicated to rating eye creams, there has been a product that has been discussed on the national media as well as on other eye cream review websites, so its worth giving it proper mention as it does claim to cure the same symptoms of aging that eye creams cure.

The product is called LifeCell, and its an all-in-one anti aging cream that not only works to banish eye wrinkles, but it also works to get rid of dark circles, fine lines, and improve the overall skin tone on the face and neck. If you dont believe all of these claims, I invite you to check out the link below, because celebrities like Paula Abdul, Joey Fatone, and many others are right there on their home page, talking about their awesome experience with this product.

LifeCell By South Beach Skin Care

Here is a breakdown of why you should consider LifeCell if you are looking for something that encompasses more than an eye cream and want to use ONE SINGLE ANTI AGING SKIN PRODUCT to cure any signs of aging that appear on your face.

* Wont dry out your skin or harm your face
* Treats the causes of aging, not just the visible effects already done in years past
* Reduces skin discolorations

The best eye cream news to report about this product is that its currently offered on a free trial basis. If you dont like the LifeCell, simply return it for a no hassle refund. The offer could expire at any point in time, so act now.

LifeCell By South Beach Skin Care

Like we said, we like to stick to rating the best eye creams, but its important to point out products that fit the mold as an eye cream, even if their original concept is to treat wrinkles. If LifeCell really works on eye wrinkles like it claims, you can expect it to be getting some good consumer reviews in the very near future. *This post was made on August 20th, so lets give it some time to garner the appropriate traffic and allow people to chime in. providing the best eye creams at affordable price. For more information about eye cream reviews contact

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