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Nicotine does not cause cancer but at least 43 of the 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes are proven to cause cancer. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that makes it hard for smokers to quit smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes delivers nicotine to the brain. The chemical will enter the body through the lungs upstream from the brain and directly to the brain in mere seconds through the arteries.

Most smokers will smoke “light” cigarettes thinking that it is less harmful than regular cigarettes. Light cigarettes have tinier hole within the filter. Studies show that people inhale deeper and more frequently after they switch from regular to light cigarettes in order to get the same levels of nicotine to their body as with regular cigarettes. This means light cigarettes are no better than regular cigarettes. In fact, it would cause people to smoke more in an effort to get their fix of nicotine.

According to several researches, 1 in 2 smokers will die from their habit if they do not seek help in quitting smoking. For every smoker who dies of lung cancer, 5 will die from other diseases associated to smoking. In fact, 20% of all deaths in North America are caused by cigarette smoking. On an average, a smoker will lose 15 years of his or her lifespan if they do not seek help to quit smoking. One third of all deaths in middle age are also caused by cigarette smoking.

Smoking does not just cause lung cancer but a myriad of other diseases as well. Smoking contributes largely to osteoporosis or thinning of the bone, back pain, and male impotence. It also causes hardening of the arteries and creates low-level carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the Word health Organization (WHO), smoking is the number one cause of new cases of blindness around the world. Smoking decreases the delivery of oxygen to every part of the body. This includes the discs in the spine therefore causing severe back pains and heals slower compared to non-smokers.

The dangers of smoking are not limited to smokers. Second hand smoking can cause various diseases to other people as well, particularly with children. Such illnesses include ear infections, bronchitis, asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. Smoking with an infant in the household increases the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by up to four times. In the US, an estimated 284 to 364 deaths in children from house fires and lung infections are recorded each year. In addition, second hand smoking causes 354,000 and 2.2 million ear infections in children and 260,000 to 436,000 episodes of bronchitis and 115,000 to 190,000 episodes of pneumonia each year. A non-smoking spouse of a chronic smoker has about 20% of chances of developing lung cancer and a 30% chances of developing heart diseases and any other diseases associated with smoking.

Seeking help to quit smoking is very critical if you want to save your life as well as the lives of people around you. A 42 year old male who smokes around 20 or more cigarettes a day has about 1 in 5 chances of dying within the next 17 years. However, if he seeks help to quit smoking immediate, he reduces the risk of dying from cigarette smoking related diseases to 1 in 10.
It is important to note that cravings are not always due to nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine withdrawal is a physical affliction which will last in just two or three weeks after abstaining from smoking. Beyond that period, the cravings are entirely based on psychological factors like exposure to common triggers to smoking as well as not being able to find alternative ways of coping with stressful situations.

There are as many smokers as ex-smokers around the world today. In Canada and the United States, around 47% of people who have smoked are still alive and have not smoked in the past six months. This means that for every smoker, there is an ex-smoker. It is not that difficult to give up this filthy habit and lengthen your lifespan. For chronic smokers who are finding it hard to get help quit smoking, they can turn to various smoking cessation products to aid the withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings once they quit smoking.

Quitting is just a matter of sticking to your convictions. You will do a lot of good to your body if you quit today. There are effective smoking cessation products that are found online and offline. In fact, a groundbreaking product is created specifically to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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