Get fit for 2011


So you made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter in 2011? Well read on, it will certainly keep you on track and motivated. It doesn’t matter whether your aim is to run the London or New York marathon or just partake in some light yoga. As the saying goes ‘every little helps’.


Not everyone likes running, or even walking for that matter (me included). Likewise re swimming or anything to do with water. So how about trying some of these alternatives?


Hula hoping!!! Great exercise, fantastic for the aging creaky hips and all ages can get involved. I remember as a kid the hula hoop craze, boy was it fun!!! So why not try again, there is still a child in all of us and the sight of your granny and your niece both giving it socks is guaranteed to make anyone smile!


If that is not your thing how about swaying in the moonlight, swinging in the sunshine or stomp stomp stomp!!! Ballroom dancing– thanks to the success of Strictly Come Dancing, ballroom dancing is not just for the experts. Learning to ballroom dance ticks off lots of boxes – fitness, meeting new people, learning a new skill and posture.


But dancing covers many genres so you could always stry hip hop dance classes, ballet for adults, line dancing (yee haw) and of course Irish dancing (my favourite).


So go on, whether it’s a bit of fiddly de di, cha cha cha or clicking your heels, get your dancing shoes on!!!


What can expect from your new found fitness regime? Keep reading, it’s all good.


1. Regular activity has a number of proven, positive health effects, especially on heart health. Vigorous exercise strengthens the heart as a pump, making it a larger, more efficient muscle. Even moderate activity can boost HDL (‘good’) cholesterol, aid the circulatory system, and lower blood pressure and blood fats. All these effects translate into reduced risk for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

2. Exercise can also offer other benefits, including strengthened muscles, increased flexibility, and stronger bones, which can help ward off the bone-thinning condition called osteoporosis.

3. Regular activity also promises mental-health benefits, like relieving stress and anxiety. It can help you sleep better and renew your energy. If exercise could be bottled, it would be a best-selling potion at the local pharmacy.

If exercise could be bottled, it would be a best-selling potion at the local pharmacy.

Surveys confirm the well-known fact that most people aren’t active enough and boy, do we pay for it. 12% of all deaths are due to a lack of regular exercise. So look around you, 1 out of the 10 people you see right now will die from lack of exercise – SCARY!!

So go for it, get up off your ass and make a difference to YOUR life. Care for YOUR heart, don’t break it.


And if you need any help, then look no further, we here in Homelink can help you get over that finishing line. By getting sponsorship for an sporting event, you get the added benefit that all your hard work and determination not only helped your own life but the lives of others. And we want to hear from you, your plans, your weekly goals, your training schedules, if you slipped a bit one week, how many friends you have roped in.


Drop us a mail [email protected] and we would be delighted to send you out a sponsorship pack.


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