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Question by Stephanie: Slimming fitness routine/workout?
In a little over a month, I’ll be competing in the Miss Maryland Teen pageant. I’m 17 and I’m about 5’2 and 115 lbs. I’m not overweight, have a fairly flat stomach, and so I’m not here necessarily to lose weight. I am interested, however, in toning and slimming some parts of my body, particularly my butt, my thighs, and my lower abdomen. I want to look fit and healthy for the pageant, and I’m not really interested in bulking up. I’m looking for any suggestions on work-outs or routines that I can do to accomplish my goal? Any suggestions or answers are greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Le
My fitness trainer gave me this golden advise… to get this Free e-report “secrets for a lean body” and that has been helping me a lot! I’m already down to 132.

you can get it free at www.sixpackzone.com

Best of luck!

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