Hotels Save Energy in Bali Indonesia

Greenpeace along with Bali Hotels Association and the Bali Tourism Development Corporation or BTDC launched energy efficiency programs for all hotels in Bali, Tuesday (11/12). The program named “Switch off, Unplug, Enjoy” that aims to support environmentally-friendly tourism in Bali.

The launching program was carried out on the ship Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior was docked in the port of Benoa, 25 kilometers north of Nusa Dua, Bali. Attending the ceremony were Executive Director of Greenpeace International Gerd Leipold, and Minister for the Environment Rachmat Witoelar.

According to Rachmat Witoelar, tourism activities also contribute to emissions that cause climate change. On the other hand, each person must share in its efforts pressing global emissions.

“This activity would not harm tourism. It is precisely the future of tourism is tourism that emphasizes the importance of environmentally friendly and energy efficient, “said Rachmat Witoelar.

Gerd Leipold revealed, during October-November, the institute has conducted initial surveys of at least 15 hotels in Nusa Dua and its surroundings. The survey aims to find out the steps that have been made that hotels, especially in energy use and conservation of environment. Activities as well as to reinforce the willingness of the hotel managers to implement energy efficiency in the future.

“We welcome the enthusiasm of Bali’s tourism industry to engage in this global effort. The hope, the Government of Indonesia will provide special incentives to Bali to be one of the best tourism destination in the world in efficient energy use, “said Leipold.

In practice, managing a hotel in Bali will be strictly using energy, like electricity, air conditioning, and water heaters. Also pursued the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

This program is optimistic will have the support of all managers hotels, resorts, and villas throughout Bali. Because, with energy savings, reduced operating costs, so the hotel can also benefit.

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