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Spinach as the king of vegetables

We’ll talk about the spinach. Spinach is called as king of vegetables. A lot of controversy about the spinach, the negative and positive. Apparently there are several explanations.

    1. Spinach contains iron is Fe2 + (ferrous). When the spinach is too long in contact with O2 (oxygen from the air), Fe2 + will be oxidized to Fe3 + (Ferry). Although both iron, which is useful for us is the ferro. Ferri is toxic to spinach. Apparently, when reheated spinach, the spinach will be oxidized so that the spinach, the spinach cah or vegetable is not clear who should not be heated up. Therefore, just enough to cook spinach.
    2. Cook the spinach until 5 hours. contain substances other than disebutin reply was that, spinach also contains substances Nitrate (NO3). When oxidized, NO3 will be NO2 (nitrite). Nitrite is a compound that is colorless, odorless, and toxic to the human body. fresh spinach has been removed nitrite compounds containing approximately 5 mg / kg. If spinach is stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, nitrite levels will rise to 300 mg / kg. In other words, within 1 day of storage, nitrite compounds will increase 21 mg / kg (7%). Toxic effects (poisoning the body) is generated by starting from Nitrite Nitrite oxidation reaction with the iron in red blood cells, specifically in the hemoglobin (Hb). Bond nitrite with hemoglobin, called Methemoglobin, resulting hemoglobin can not bind oxygen. If the amount of methemoglobin reach more than 15% of the total hemoglobin, there will be a condition called cyanosis, a condition in which the entire human body tissue of oxygen.
    3. Content of iron in spinach can react with aluminum material and produce toxins, so avoid cooking spinach with aluminum pan.

However, spinach as Popeye’s food choices, is also very healthy. Spinach leaves are rich in nutrients, as mentioned above, the iron that the body needs to stimulate the formation of blood cells red. Eating vegetables spinach is synonymous with protecting themselves from the symptoms of anemia disease that makes the body go weak / decrepit. Spinach leaves good for the kidneys and digestive organs due to fiber content is high enough so as to overcome constipation and bowel launched. Nutritional Values in spinach can lower cholesterol, blood sugar, blood circulation and lowers blood pressure too much. Spinach can be a vegetable preventing colon cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, hair loss, cataracts and night blindness. But spinach is not for people with acid because Rhematik Urat and spinach contain substances purine levels high enough and changed by the body into uric acid. This condition can lead to recurrence of disease with symptoms of joint pain in hands and feet.

I think all the goodness of spinach than cons, so this information could encourage those who love to eat spinach to plant them at home so he could always memlih freshly picked spinach and fresh processed immediately. Also do not be too long to save the spinach in the refrigerator.

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