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A person who suffers from panic attacks may find that coping with panic attacks can be difficult. Leading fruitful and normal lives may even seem impossible for some. Others have experienced extreme depression because of the difficulty in adjusting their lives, while others have found it an obstacle to perform their jobs or their studies effectively. Living with panic attack can be hard and seemingly impossible, but with some of the following tips, one can learn how to cope effectively with panic attacks.

1. Accept you need help

Just like an alcoholic or an addict, people suffering from panic attacks are in a strong stage of denial. They refuse to believe they have a problem or refuse to acknowledge that this problem is adversely interfering with their daily lives. Others do recognize that they have a problem but refuse to seek help for fear of being made fun of. The stigma of being branded psychologically unstable is especially bad in some cultures.

2. Consult the doctor

Once you’ve accepted that you need help, you’ve successfully gone past the biggest obstacle in treating your panic attacks. Upon seeing a doctor (a psychologist or a psychiatrist), you’ll soon realize that not only is coping with panic attacks doable, treatment is also very possible.

The doctor may advise you to undergo a number of psychotherapy as part of treatment. Do not be afraid. These treatments are designed to treat the underlying causes of panic attacks and help you get rid of panic attacks once and for all.

3. Learn to face your fears

As part of the therapy, you will be taught to face your fears. An important aspect of the therapy includes processes which require you to be exposed to your phobias and fears. This is called desensitization, and is quite effective in removing your fears which, for the most part, have been learned early in life. You will also undergo counseling, to help you manage your social and personal life. Therapy will also help you restructure your way of thinking, changing negativity into optimism.

4. Enlist the help of support groups

As part of therapy, you will often be required to participate in group discussions and group therapy. This is extremely helpful, as you soon realize that you are not alone in your suffering. Just like there are support groups for alcoholics and addicts, so is there also one for those suffering from panic attacks.
Aside from support groups, you also need the help of friends and families who support and love you. A warm and loving circle of relationship will help you keep away from depression and make you emotionally stronger.

5. Adjust your life accordingly

Coping with panic attacks mean you need to adjust your life to suit situations which help in improving your condition. If you need to get away from a stressful job or situation, do it. Get out of a harmful or unproductive relationship. You must remove whatever contributes to your negativity. While you are told to confront your fears, this is different from staying in a negative environment.

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