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Great! That surely seems to be a wonderful weight loss plan. I can be a couch potato and burn fat. I’m sure there’s a catch somewhere. I have dieted long enough to know that the more I sit around, the less weight I loose. So what is the gimmick?
Its not a gimmick. It is just common sense to know that you won’t loose weight if you remain inactive. You do need to go in for some type of activity before you settle in to watch the late night movie.
Most of the people think that if you do workouts that increase your heart beat, then you will automatically get the body, which could be an envy for anyone. Well it’s not that easy. apart from walking, which is very good for your heart, you also need to build some muscles. Not do so much that you like the Hulk just enough to have a nice defined shape. The more muscle mass you have, the more successful you will be in burning fat and calories even watching that late night movie.
It takes both muscle building and cardio work to make a difference in burning enough fat. If you do just one of the either, the results would be very slow. If only doing cardio, you may see a slimmer you, but a flabby one too. Whereas muscle building may tone your muscles, but leave the fat as it is covering the muscles.
Cardio exercise tends to increase your heart beat while and keeps the heart beating faster even some time after you are over with the exercise. That is why it’s important not to do it too soon before going to bed.
Weight training increases the heart rate or metabolism during the activity and for a longer time after you are done.
In order to burn fat and raise your metabolism during lifting weights, you should not do too many repetitions of your workout. Doing as few as one and no more than 20 of the same exercise is enough. Working your muscles makes them learner and stronger. Some people who do weight training have found that their metabolism is still raised|Weight training also keeps the metabolism raised] for a few days after they have worked out.
You do need to take a break between the workouts. Working your muscles, actually tears them. You therefore need to take a break for a day or two between working out different areas of the body. You can do the upper half one day and the lower half another day if you really want to lift weights every day.|If you really wish to do weight lifting daily, it is advisable to work out the upper half on one day, and the lower half the next day] Do make sure you give the muscles time to heal between workouts or you will end up at the doctors off ice with an injury.Remember that you are burning fat even during your time off.
You could add walking to the days, when you are not lifting weights. It works the large muscle groups in bits and could actually help burn fat even faster while your muscles are still in the fat burning mode from the the previous day.
If you want to burn fat and loose weight, don’t just try to diet. Add weight lifting and cardio to your routine. You will burn fat faster and the end result will be much better. When you look in the mirror, you will be happy with what you see.

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