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Question by 1_cool_cupcake: 150 pounds and only 5’2. inspire me please?
i have been obsessing over my weight for as long as i can remember
i think about how much i want to be skinny all the time and it kind of scares me because i some how am sure being skinny would solve all my problems even though i know it woudnt really
i am 14 years old and not that fat but still over weight according to the bmi and aperance
all of my best friends are naturally a zero and dont understand how hard it is to go on a diet and exersize frequently and as much as they support me, its still really hard too see them all share clothes and get guys and talk about how other people are fat but when i say but there skinnier then me they deny it

i need inspiration

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Answer by wooo
If you want to get thiner you really need to work at it. It should be a goal of yours. To make your body look before. It will be beter for your health too. Go out on a jog or a walk everyday for 20-30 minutes. and watch your intake. Don’t drink soda, sweets. ect.

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