Jennifer Aniston has the body most women would die for so, how does she do it? Her trainer says, for now, she’s trying out the baby food diet. For more infor…
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RedEye Reporter Georgia Garvey spent a day on the baby food diet. She recorded a video diary of her experience.

Question by steffi32086: How healthy is the baby food diet?
I’ve read that the baby food diet for adults is a good way to lose weight but how healthy is it? I’ve tried so many diets. I’ve tried eating healthier, smaller portions, slim fast…etc. And I exercise several days a week. I’ve lost 10 lbs but cant get any more off. I just want to lose another 10-15 lbs.

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Answer by .MiLindoMorenito
I dont honestly know how healthy it is but I think its pretty healthy if this is baby food!!! But do you know what the problem is? Its that your body is used to the work level you have it at,push your workout a little and you shall see!!

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