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Sugar Consumption In Balance

Who does not like the candy, chocolate, or cake? Most of us would love it. It was sweet to make us more like him. However, sweet foods or sugar are often considered as the enemy of the body for many things that can be generated. What are the dangers of consuming sweet foods? How great way to enjoy sweet foods with balanced?

Negative effects of sugar that is often dreaded diabetes or diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus type two. The disease is caused by lifestyle such as unhealthy eating too much sugar. Excess sugar can also lead to increased weight gain and even obesity can cause various diseases. Another effect is easily tired, often sleepy and difficult to concentrate. While the sugar shortage of people who will look thin, weak due to lack of energy, malnutrition so easily hurt.

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About Heart disease and Heart Attack

The heart is a very important organ for humans, because the heart needs to pump blood around the body so the body get oxygen and nutrients needed for metabolism. Therefore, the heart needs to be maintained in order to function properly. One is to avoid coronary heart disease is one of the dangerous disease that can cause heart attacks. To do this, we need to know how to keep our heart healthy, what to avoid and what can be done to maintain heart health.

Every year, millions of people worldwide suffered a heart attack. Not all heart attacks result in death. However, generally every patient who had suffered a heart attack suffered several subsequent impacts. While the rest are not beyond help.

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Drinking water makes healthy

Benefits of Drinking Water
Given the importance of water, then the advice given was that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, or about two to two and a half liters of water. Here are some of the benefits of water for the body:

       Make a healthier body
       If sufficient water intake, this can help make the distribution of nutrients throughout the body becomes so well that all the cells in the body can repair itself with these nutrients. By drinking water as recommended will also alleviate the kidneys and liver work that can help us avoid kidney and liver disease.

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Why we need to eat breakfast

A busy morning is usually experienced by the employees, especially in urban areas. Traffic jams make a little time is valuable so do not be late to the office. As a result, the rush, many people who go to work without breakfast. There are several reasons why someone did not start the day with breakfast. Or there who think eating breakfast in the morning or less important, even is one way to lose weight by reducing the entry of food in the morning. Actually, whether it is important to start the day with breakfast? How to get around so you can routinely do breakfast? What a healthy breakfast menu for the body?

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Identify Lung Disease

This important organ is one of the vital organs for human life. Especially working in the human respiratory system. Served as a place of exchange of the necessary oxygen and remove carbon dioxide humans are the result of breathing the rest of the process must be removed from the body, so that the body needs oxygen to remain satisfied. The air is very important for humans, not menhirup oxygen for several minutes can cause death. That is the important role the lungs. Organ located below the ribs is indeed a difficult task, not to mention the more polluted the air we breathe and the germs floating around the air. This all can lead to various lung diseases.

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Optimistic attitude can Improve Health

Too much pressure to be experienced live person to make most people experience frustration. Some people due to face a heavy workload to job stress. Other problems such as natural disasters and the deaths of people close can also make depression and frustration. Only a few people who could avoid the pressures of everyday life that can make people frustrated and pessimistic view. However, despite facing hardships and pressures of life, thinking optimistically particularly beneficial for health. What are the benefits? And how to foster an optimistic attitude?

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Hotels Save Energy in Bali Indonesia

Greenpeace along with Bali Hotels Association and the Bali Tourism Development Corporation or BTDC launched energy efficiency programs for all hotels in Bali, Tuesday (11/12). The program named “Switch off, Unplug, Enjoy” that aims to support environmentally-friendly tourism in Bali.

The launching program was carried out on the ship Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior was docked in the port of Benoa, 25 kilometers north of Nusa Dua, Bali. Attending the ceremony were Executive Director of Greenpeace International Gerd Leipold, and Minister for the Environment Rachmat Witoelar.

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The benefits of eating an apple

Apples, who is not familiar with this fruit? The fruit is readily available for sale at various places the fruit sale. Various type and color of apple fruit is everywhere. Apple much preferred because it is typical. Based on the research, in an apple fruit is believed to have many beneficial properties for the body. What are the content of an apple? And what benefits can be obtained from an apple?

Apples contain many vitamins, minerals and other elements such as fitokimian, fiber, tannins, baron, tartar acid, and others. This substance is very dipelukan for our bodies to prevent and overcome a variety of diseases. In the future, will be discussed about what is contained in an apple? And what are the benefits of apples?

Apples are rich in vitamins. Some vitamins are found in apples such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C.

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Basketball from recycling results

Wilson’s latest product, one brand of basketball that was one actor in the movie Cast Away, the rebounds. The outer layer contains a basketball rebounds 40% of rubber that have been recycled. It is estimated that the use of recycled rubber basketball is 70 equal to 1 tires. In this case, too, is Wilson’s help with used tires that kept mounting every day. The slogan they are “Think Globally, Hoop Locally”.

It’s about time sports industry with so much equipment that is used especially when the game has things green, so not only provides the performance and the interesting spectacle, but still care about the environment.

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Spinach as the king of vegetables

We’ll talk about the spinach. Spinach is called as king of vegetables. A lot of controversy about the spinach, the negative and positive. Apparently there are several explanations.

    1. Spinach contains iron is Fe2 + (ferrous). When the spinach is too long in contact with O2 (oxygen from the air), Fe2 + will be oxidized to Fe3 + (Ferry). Although both iron, which is useful for us is the ferro. Ferri is toxic to spinach. Apparently, when reheated spinach, the spinach will be oxidized so that the spinach, the spinach cah or vegetable is not clear who should not be heated up. Therefore, just enough to cook spinach.
    2. Cook the spinach until 5 hours. contain substances other than disebutin reply was that, spinach also contains substances Nitrate (NO3). When oxidized, NO3 will be NO2 (nitrite). Nitrite is a compound that is colorless, odorless, and toxic to the human body. fresh spinach has been removed nitrite compounds containing approximately 5 mg / kg. If spinach is stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, nitrite levels will rise to 300 mg / kg. In other words, within 1 day of storage, nitrite compounds will increase 21 mg / kg (7%). Toxic effects (poisoning the body) is generated by starting from Nitrite Nitrite oxidation reaction with the iron in red blood cells, specifically in the hemoglobin (Hb). Bond nitrite with hemoglobin, called Methemoglobin, resulting hemoglobin can not bind oxygen. If the amount of methemoglobin reach more than 15% of the total hemoglobin, there will be a condition called cyanosis, a condition in which the entire human body tissue of oxygen. 

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